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Any Given Sunday

| January 27, 2022

It was another weekend hunkering down at home avoiding the spread of Covid. It is Saturday night and my husband and I are browsing through the various streaming services we have looking for a movie to watch. Our interest was peaked when we came across “Any Given Sunday” from 1999. I knew of this movie, but had never actually sat down to watch it. My husband had seen it but it had been so long he didn’t remember the plot so we agreed this would be a good choice for the night.

The one scene that stuck with me was the infamous “Inches” speech. Although I had never actually watched this movie, I did know this part because I used to listen to it back in my racquetball training days to get focused for a big match. If you haven’t heard the speech, I highly recommend you take five minutes to listen to it on YouTube. Here is a link:

As I listened to the speech this go around, it struck me differently now that I work in financial services. As Al Pacino talks about the inches that are everywhere around us and how when we add up all those inches, it makes the difference between winning and losing, I instantly related this to good financial decisions. It takes discipline to play the long game. Each day that you choose to make a good financial decision, no matter how small it is in size, is working towards putting you on the path to success. You have to remember that your net worth is ultimately a lagging measure of your financial habits. We as humans are so focused on immediate rewards but being financially independent doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience, focus and discipline but let me tell you, it will be so worth it in the long run.

Let us be your coach to keep you on track and focused so that all those inches aka financial decisions that you make over time will add up to make you the winner that you want to be.