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Barbershop Quartet!

| June 29, 2023
I have a new barber and I walked in yesterday for a much-needed haircut. I could have made an appointment, but there’s some comfort in sitting in a barbershop and waiting your turn.
As usual, there were gentleman ahead of me and they were all jabbing away about how old they were and their health and other mundane subjects. Some were in their 60’s and I seemed to be the oldest.
On a whim I asked the group, “Are any of you guys worried about your retirement income? How are you doing in the current inflation cycle we’re in?" Well, silence filled the barbershop until finally one of the younger looking folks spoke up.
“I’m worried to death about it! I’m 63 and going to retire in 2 years and I’m not sure what’s going to happen.”
So, I chimed in, “are you aware of what’s going to take effect in January 2026?" Again, there was a deafening silence so I once again filled the black hole I had created. "Our tax rates will revert to what they were before 2018 and that means your tax rates will go up."
So, the result I came away with from my haircut was simply that no one is really aware of anything. Everyone is hurting and they have no clue what to do or who to turn to.
Guys, I’ve been in financial planning for 50 years. This past January I celebrated the big 5-0. We have solutions and if you want to discuss your situation, we have a program that consists of 3 steps.
1.)   We sit down with you on a confidential basis and take some information. Sort of like a doctor taking x-rays before prescribing medication. 
2.)   We propose a written brief for you detailing the problems and our recommended solutions.
3.)   If you agree, we implement the solutions and we move forward as client and advisor.

P.S. One of our most popular solutions is called “Safe Money”.