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Don't Wait

| April 01, 2024
I really want to stress how important it is not to wait! Yet we all somehow believe we can postpone what needs to be done until next week, next month, or after I get back from vacation.
Last Thursday I lost a dear friend that I had lost touch with. He passed away, falling victim to prostate cancer -the quick one- and went from bad to deceased in a rush of months. As he was battling this disease, I was clueless. I hadn’t talked to him in years and for some reason, maybe intuition, I had been trying to connect with him. He had retired 8 years ago, but I should have kept in touch. Should have, wished I did, but didn’t.
So don’t wait to do your financial planning. From my bird’s eye view of life as I sit on my age 76 perch, I know I need to take care of things, not next week, month, or some undetermined time in the future, but now!
Call your friends today, stay in touch, do your financial plan asap. Purchase life insurance if you need it. Like the old saying “Just do it”  
Until next time,
Edward Mazur