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Free Gas Card

| June 24, 2022

Sometimes we need to give back, especially when things are hard. We are experiencing 8 ½% inflation.

I don’t know what you think the inflation rate is, but my car’s gas tank tells me it’s more than 100%. I could fill my Nissan for $40.00-$45.00 a year and a half ago. Yesterday it was $86.00 and change!  

Please be aware that I do not have to work, but I choose to work, because so many people are hurting. Maybe they have debts and need to be shown a plan to get out of debt. Maybe they need to be given our name, a name that you have already trusted and learned that there is hope & someone actually cares about them.

“Refer a friend” to us and be rewarded with a $25.00 gas card.

Just email and we’ll do the rest. Be sure to include contact details & at a minimum your gasoline bill will get smaller.

 And you’ll be helping someone plan for the coming years that you’ve already trusted. Remember, experience counts and I have 49+ years in the financial service industry.