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Life Lessons That I Treasure

| September 30, 2022

On January 8, 2023, I will be celebrating my 50th year in the financial services business. I still remember my interview with John Hancock in Boston MA.

The life lesson I learned that first week with John Hancock explains a lot about how I survived the formative years in the business.

That lesson was that I would be underpaid for the first five years of my career with John Hancock, and I would then be overpaid for the rest of my life. And I'm telling you, that I was really underpaid. I believed the words of Vince Bowhers, my General Agent and he told me no lies that day. Thank you Vince!

I believed that I would be a man of honor from my earliest of days and I strive to be that man today. I really don’t respect folks that discard friendships while using the phrase “it’s business”. That’s a total  bs-line  people use to validate what they know is wrong in their heart of hearts. They should take the “Walk of Shame!”

I’ve written about this before in prior blogs, but I try to live each day by the “Slight Edge” philosophy. In it’s simplest form, it’s making a small conscious good decision rather than making the conscious bad decision every day. These small, good decisions will compound and amaze you as they compound and help you as time goes on.  My offer stands to buy a copy for anyone who wants a copy. Email me at

I’m in Maui as I write this, and I plan on going on a beautiful beach walk later. That’s my Slight Edge for the day, as well as making healthy food choices. My alternative decisions would be to watch college football and eat very unhealthy food choices.

Be kind to people. We are going through a tough time with inflation soaring and financial markets being crazy.

Just got word that I’m going to be a Great Grandpa with delivery expected in late Feb of 2023.

Thanks for reading,