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Mazur's Musings

| July 31, 2023
Just called my little sister. Of course, it went to voicemail. The reason for the call? I was thinking of her. Her face popped into my brain and without much thought I dialed her number. I know we’ll talk sometime in the next 24 hours.
We should do this more often with the folks we love. We should be persistent with family and those we love. Go ahead and try it.
On the business side, I want to mention a great new product. It’s a joint long term care policy from Nationwide, the only plan I’m aware of to insure 2 people and offer LTC benefits to both insureds on 1 plan. Another interesting wrinkle is that if you qualify for payments by satisfying 2 out of the 6 activities of daily living, the payments come to you, not to a nursing home or not to a home health care provider.
The other nice part is that the premiums are guaranteed not to increase. All the players, the insurance Company, the clients, all know exactly what they will pay and what benefits they will receive.
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