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Never Give Up!

| August 29, 2022

Never give up!

I was so impressed by the past weekends golf competition for the FedEx Cup. First place was worth an $18 million dollar bonus to the winner and second place $6.5 million dollars.

The eventual winner started the final round 6 shots behind the leader.

Rory never gave up, and eventually prevailed on the 18th hole. A win for the ages!

The lesson can be summed up by the old saying, how does one eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

When all is lost and you are failing or think you are failing, don’t give up! Keep moving forward one step at a time.

This reminds me of the book I’ve mentioned before, “The Slight Edge”. Definitely worth a read. At Professional Investors Life & Annuity we follow the “Slight Edge” philosophy. Every single day we try to make the best positive decision.

We know that over time these positive decisions have a compounding effect on performance. Happy to buy the book for anyone who asks me to send them a copy. Good stuff!