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| November 30, 2021

What does the world want for Christmas 2021? Certainly not “Omicron”. Last month I asked if you remembered the Lost Boys from Peter Pan, now I ask if you remember that Covid19 is no more.

Anna (my wife) & I were so excited about being on the other side of Covid19 that we were making plans to travel to Hawaii, arguably our favorite place in the world.

So what are my readers to expect from "Omicron”? And who gave it that name? It would have been better named “No trips for you!” or “Be careful with your investment choices!”

The market will be volatile as Wall Street & investors try to gauge the economic impact of Omicron. Airline stocks are certainly not celebrating Christmas and the probable impact in 2022.

With my personal clients, I’ve always preached that plans made today will no longer be valid in 3 years. Things change and need to be updated; revised plans must be implemented. Now it’s more like every year!

I urge you to talk to your PILA representatives and set a time to review your personal structure.