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Planning Tip

| May 30, 2024
Have you seen the television commercials where a couple is talking about a friend who passed and they say to themselves “I hope they had life insurance!”?
The conversation then turns to whether or not they did have life insurance and of course they don’t. This is then followed by some catchy line to the tune of “For only $25 a month, you get $500,000 of life insurance with no exam and quick issue.” Sounds easy enough and no planning needed, right?
Well, I guess it’s better than nothing, but it seems to me that the couple should talk really talk with a financial advisor, preferably a fiduciary. 
At PILA, we have a service that we offer that consists of 3 steps. We are always looking to help people plan their financial future and we have an easy to complete form to start the process. Step 1 is to complete the confidential fact finder with us. Step 2 is we prepare a written brief with the client's prioritized goals and objectives. In the brief, we lay out a game plan for the client and finally in Step 3, with client approval we put the plan into action.
Yearly reviews and regular contact make sure that we continually monitor the client’s progress.
If you’d like to explore this service, please call Alexa Perry at 860-678-7806 extension 203 to set up an initial call.