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Remember Peter Pan & the Lost Boys?

| October 28, 2021

That was fantasy, but the fantasy has become reality for many graduated college students and their parents. Yes, of course I’m talking about college debt.

Here’s what’s been going on. The demand for a college education is higher than ever. The cost of college education has been going up each year and for the most part, the ease of securing college loan funding has become easier to obtain. We sit weekly with parents & students who have in excess of $70,000 in student loans. We routinely see monthly payments scheduled of $700 a month just for college debt. It’s the reason why so many recent graduates are moving back to their parent’s home.

So the Lost Boys of Peter Pan have become the Lost Children of Student Loans. If you have concerns about helping your graduates with student loan planning, call us!

It’s time to help the highly educated get out of the mess they inadvertently created in trying to better their long-term job security & future.