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Servicing Clients is Key

| April 27, 2023
We are often praised at Professional Investors Life & Annuity LLC for the level of service we provide our clients. Whether it’s returning all calls and answering all questions, or just recognizing client achievements and birthdays. But primarily we are praised and valued by our clientele for “doing what is best for the client”.
Increasingly we are referred to friends or acquaintances of our client base, because of the level of care and service we have provide our clients. Thank you! It’s the highest compliment you can pay us.
Covid which entered the scene in the US in March of 2020, put everyone in situations that were unexpected. We worked from home for the most part. Of course, I went to the office every day. Our building was empty, our office parking lot was deserted. Our staff worked from home and we continued to function on all cylinders. Service to our clients did not stop and we were there for whoever needed help.
Our Company is growing by leaps and bounds, adding financial professionals and needing to add additional staff. So, thanks to all of you for making this possible.
P.S. Should you wish to introduce us to your friends, the best email address to reach out to is