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Spring Has Sprung

| March 31, 2022

Springtime has arrived! Traditionally it’s a time of reflection, with thoughts filled with hope for the coming year as we anxiously await warmer weather. A time that leads to positive activity and noteworthy results, as we look for our ideas and plans to blossom into greatness.

I continue to reference the basic tenants of “The Slight Edge”, specifically the concept that we need to choose to do the right thing & not the wrong thing. Author Jeff Olson warns us that it’s just as easy to do the wrong thing, then do the right thing.

We all have seen the “neighborhood walker”. Every morning regardless of weather, temperature, or anything else, the neighborhood walker is out there for their daily walk. His choice to walk every day will give him the slight edge in future health.

But consider that if 100 walkers were trying to decide to walk on a rainy, cold morning, how easy would it be to choose “NOT to walk”! It would be nice to just go back to bed or perhaps enjoy a cup of coffee. And the next day when they are once again faced with the decision to walk or not walk, it’s so easy to remember how nice it was to not walk the prior day. And so, a new habit is being formed, the habit of not walking.

So let’s be committed to our personal success in this journey of life.

  • Make the good choice every day
  • Work at being debt free
  • Work at saving money daily and watch the pennies grow.

Happy Springtime to all!