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The Nine Questions

| January 01, 2023
We are going through our year end planning for Professional Investors Life & Annuity and it’s a very important moment for the Company based on 2 consecutive years of double digit or more growth.
It reminded me of Chelmsford, MA Jaycee days and the Planning Guide that all projects revolved around, “The Nine Questions”!
Essentially it meant you had to pause and consider what could you do to ensure project success, but also you had to list what could go wrong & if it went wrong- what was the solution?
So, if we were planning a road race, we knew pretty much what we had to do. Get local authorities to give us the go ahead, get sponsors, organize the race route and on and on. But the thinking out of the box part was most important. What could go wrong and if it did, what were we going to do. What if on race day severe weather came in and we had to cancel the event? What could we do?
So, in our planning for the coming year, we think our message is clear to our clients. We want to show you a solution that mitigates as much risk as possible in your life because there are so many risks we all face each day such as taxes, market risk, inflation, emergencies, disability and outliving your money, just to name a few.
We also have been adding new advisors to our Family. This means their clients are a part of our family and they should know that as part of this united effort, everyone at Professional Investors Life & Annuity stands ready to assist them with answering their questions & being there for them when needed!