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What Do You Control?

| July 29, 2021

 The noise from Washington DC is deafening!

 If you are an unvaccinated Federal employee, you must get vaccinated or face the reality of frequent Covid tests.

 If you’ve enjoyed not wearing a mask in restaurants or food markets, get ready to be told that you have to re-mask.

What do each and every one of us control? In any situation, whether it be related to Covid or just life, we have to make a decision on what we want to do. A friend of mine asked me to go for a run recently. I can control whether I run or not, but not what happens to my body if I decide to try running at age 73. Every aspect of life comes down to “what do you control”. It is most apparent in our financial lives. Do you use your credit cards and incur more debt, or do you decide to control your impulsive buying?

This is just like your decision to finally become debt free and be different than the “norm”. Each and every week, the team here at PILA is helping folks just like you, to make the decision to enter into a guaranteed debt elimination program on the same dollars they are currently spending. Our promise is to get them out of debt, including their mortgage and student loans, in most cases in 5-9 years or less. Call us for a free initial consultation and start taking control of your financial life.


-Edward Mazur Jr.